Rob Chenoweth

CARA Race Committee

Rob Chenoweth first started running in high school because he wasn’t tall enough or big enough for basketball or football. After taking some time off while he attended college and eventually joined the workforce, Rob resumed running and started training for his first marathon in 1999. After a positive experience in that race, he went on to run over a dozen marathons and numerous other races of various distances. Rob continues to be a regular participant on the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit. His best marathon to date is 2:34:04, placing as the 4th overall Masters runner at the 2009 Chicago Marathon.

Rob attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and Northeastern Illinois University. When not running, he can usually be found relaxing at home with his wife Beth, wrangling their cats or at work where he is the IT Manager for the Chicago Deloitte office.