Beth Onines

Beth Onines is a do it all CARA member, from racing to volunteering, Beth just gets it done.

How did you first get involved with CARA and become a member of the Race Committee?

I first got involved with CARA when I heard about it from a friend a very long time ago and I wanted to support the Chicago running community. I placed for the very first time on a CARA race at the Elgin Fox Trot 10 Miler. Then I decided to compete on the circuit to see if I had a chance at placing in my age. I did and have placed every time I competed in it. Eventually I was asked to be on the CARA Board. After that I was asked by two of the Race Committee members to be on the committee after they gave me a couple of beers at the 4 On The 4th race!

What is your experience with running?

My experience in running goes a long way, since 1981, when a group of my classmates and their spouses formed the Alpine Runners. We started going to races as a group and it turned out that I was pretty fast at that time and started placing. Our group got bigger and bigger as they years went by. We started training on our own for marathoners then I was asked to host the marathon and beginner 5K training programs.

What is your favorite race on the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Race calendar or CARA certified race?

As having been the race director for the Alpine Races I'll leave that one out! My favorite races are the Oak Park 5K and the 4 on the 4th!

What's a CARA moment that’s stuck with you and why?

I have many but the two that stand out for me were receiving the volunteer of the year and receiving the Female Master Award.

I never expected these two CARA awards. I was truly honored for being recognized as the CARA Volunteer of the Year. I was just doing what I loved to do to help other runners succeed in their goals and help them love running as I do in hopes that they too would pay it forward in return. I'm still doing it and most likely never stop!

Why are you proud to be a CARA member as well as a member of the Race Committee?

I've been very proud of being an active member by volunteering for many positions including as the race director by getting the Alpine Races on the CARA Circuit.

I am also very proud to be on the race committee because I know with all of my running experience on so many levels can make a difference to help CARA grow all over the Chicago area and the suburbs. Some people may feel they don't need to be a CARA member and I want to change their minds by being on the race committee and offering top-notch races throughout Chicagoland!