Kimberley Stedman

Name and age? Kimberley Stedman, 34 and 1/4

How did you first get involved with CARA and become a member of the Race Committee?

I learned to run with CARA in the spring of 2008. Our goal race was the Run for the Zoo 5k! After that I got hooked, and started taking part in the Six Series fun runs and ran my first half marathon in July 2008 (Chicago Distance Classic).

Following that I registered for the Chicago Marathon and took part in the 6:30am at Montrose Marathon Training program in 2009. In 2010 I became a pace leader, which was also the year I started my own race, the F3 Half Marathon, and at that point I was incredibly integrated with CARA and the Chicago running mommunity.

I was asked to join the Race Committee in 2011. I represent city runners and look to ensure there is a balance of city and suburban races on the circuit. I am also a "middle-of-the-pack" runner, the fastest growing subset of new runners, so I am their voice on the race committee, as well as for the Athena/ Clydesdales.

What is your experience with running?

I did learn to run a 5k in 2008, since then I have completed 4 marathons. 2 times at the Chicago Marathon, plus Amsterdam (my PR!) and New York City (my PW!). Before 2008 I did not run at all. In school I played field hockey and rounders (it's a British girls-only sport which looks an awful lot like what you Americans would call baseball).

What is your favorite race on the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Race calendar or CARA certified race?

Probably the Chicago Marathon! It's one of the best days of the year, whether I'm running it or working in some capacity. Nothing beats that excitement in Chicago, right on our doorstep.

What else do you love about CARA?

In January 2010, before I was part of the race committee and was still quite a new runner, I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the CARA Banquet out at Hamburger University in Oak Brook. It was both a complete honour and also a huge challenge as a nervous, British, public speaker! (I've improved a lot since then!) I was asked to speak about my journey in running because CARA has been an integral part of it, every "step" of the way. From Learn To Run through Marathon training. Also, I'll never forget those early Saturday mornings at Montrose. Nothing like it!

Why are you proud to be a CARA member as well as a member of the Race Committee?

For all the reasons above, CARA is THE voice of the Chicago Running Community. I have always valued my relationship with CARA and feel privileged to have a voice at the table.