Nick Benson

Nick Benson (54) loves to race despite never running competitively in high school or college. He joined CARA over 20 years ago, before becoming a Racing Committe member, bringing a lot of experience and knowledge to the table.

How did you first get involved with CARA and become a member of the Race Committee?

I first joined CARA in the 80's, but really did not get involved until 2002 with running circuit races with my club. I joined the CARA Racing Committee a few years ago when there was an opening when Paul Oppenheim stepped down.

What is your experience with running?

 I never ran competitively in high school or college, but started running a few miles in college as stress relief during exams. I Started running regularly in the mid 80's and racing in the late 80's. The marathons that I have run include London, Florence, Athens, Paris, western Ireland, and of course Chicago. I ran the Vegas Marathon with my wife on our wedding day and again for our ten year anniversary.

What is your favorite race on the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Race calendar or CARA certified race?

Of course my favorite race is the Good Life Race, but I am partial as this is my club's race. I enjoy the 4 on the 4th because it's a quality race and our club has its largest participation for it. We also have a small picnic and take our annual photo after the race.

Can you share why you love CARA events or Circuit Races?

I do not contend for top places in my age group on the CARA circuit but give everything I have on race day, as do the other runners at my pace. I have come to know many runners from other clubs and feel that even though we are competing individually and as teams/clubs, there is a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from runners that transcends team affiliation. I have had many races that I have been encouraged by Dick Ponds, Lisle Windrunners, and Glen Ellyn Runners in the midst of a race. I have also had the opportunity to do the same.

Why are you proud to be a CARA member as well as a member of the Race Committee?

I am proud to be part of an organization that fiercely competes on weekend mornings but not at the expense of helping each runner run their fastest on any given morning.