Rob Chenoweth

47-year-old Rob Chenoweth feels he owes a lot to running. It's the sport that helped him maintain his health, make new friends, and even introduced him to his wife.

How did you first get involved with CARA and become a member of the Race Committee?

I first became involved with CARA during my time on the Fleet Feet Racing Team. We were all members and participated heavily on the circuit and wanted to support the organization. Chris Wehrman, who was one of my teammates joined the CARA Board of Directors, and chaired the race committee. He convinced me to do the same and I’m currently on the Board and chairing the race committee.

What is your experience with running?

I was a decent runner in high school, but wasn’t recruited by the University of Illinois where I chose to attend college. So I basically gave up running for a number of years. On my 30th birthday, an old high school teammate called me and reminded me of some vague pact we made to run a marathon by the time we were 30. So I trained with him and ran in the 1999 Chicago Marathon. I’ve been running ever since then. I find I’m better at longer distances, and I also love trail running.

What is your favorite race on the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Race calendar or CARA certified race?

I’ve enjoyed so many CARA races, but a few that stick out are the Park Ridge Charity Classic, The Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 miler and the Chicago Marathon. The Park Ridge 5K is very fast, and many of the local runners have their PR on that course. I love running at Waterfall Glen, so I feel the Xtreme 10 is almost my “home” course. The Chicago Marathon is just such a spectacular event and a great experience.

Can you share a moment you’ve had at a CARA event that’s stuck with you and why?

One of my favorite moments at a CARA event was at a circuit race years ago. My mom was at the race and as we were watching the finish, a teammate of mine with long blonde hair raced by. My mom commented that she was very pretty and maybe I should try to date her. That girl is now my wife. :)

Why are you proud to be a CARA member as well as a member of the Race Committee?

I’m proud to be a CARA member because I love advocating for the running community. CARA does a lot of work behind the scenes to push for improvements along our local trails and paths. CARA is also a catalyst for giving and change. I’m very proud to be associated with our Road Scholars program and our new Go Run Chicago initiative that provides free timed runs in our communities. I’m proud to be a member of the race committee as well, because we really strive to listen to our members and select the best races Chicago has to offer for our runners. Our race circuit is truly unique in that it is very inclusive in regards to race distances, geography, race size and cost.