Johnpaul Higgins

Director of Membership and Community Development

jpJohnpaul joined CARA in 2013 and has served in several positions, including a memorable but brief appointment as Supreme Chancellor of Running. Following his removal from office due to what is now referred to as "Jogglegate" Johnpaul was offered either banishment or the role of Director of Membership and Community Development. He gladly accepted the latter, and is excited for the opportunity to make CARA members unwilling accomplices in his trouble-making schemes.

Johnpaul attended Kent State University as both an undergraduate and graduate student, where he studied English Literature and became heavily embroiled in the perilous world of underground poetry. Narrowly surviving a cascading crown of sonnets, Johnpaul moved to Chicago in 2003 and started running. And he really hasn’t stopped since. A convert of the highest magnitude, Johnpaul routinely competes in road races throughout Chicago, and limps through a marathon every once in a while for good measure.

When not running or writing, he likes to spend time with his five-year-old son, exploring worlds near and far.

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