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Take a moment and learn more about your fellow runners. You may recognize a face from your own runs!

Meet Carrie Joy L

"I know people train on their own, but honestly I just don’t understand how or why. The thing I love best about running is overcoming the hardships as a team and sharing the time with the people I love at CARA. Without that love and support, it’s just you and that’s just plain boring. And lonely."

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Meet Dan

"With CARA training, I am constantly surrounded by positive people who push me as well. A friend of mine and fellow CARA member, Lori Wright, knows how to push the right buttons and keep me going."

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Meet Mike

"Prior to CARA, I solely ran on my own. Over the past few years since joining, I have been pushed to achieve more, run extra miles after I would’ve stopped, and run faster to pace with a group of more experienced athletes that knew I could do better. Similarly, I would like to think I’ve provided that experience to others. That said, I see this as an opportunity for personal growth however am confident that I’ll bring ideas, experience and wherewithal to make meaningful, long-term contributions to improve the organization."

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Meet Eve

"While there are lots of great resources out there such as books, free training plans, and videos, those resources do not come close to a coach or training program such as CARA’s..."

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Meet Susana

"I would encourage runners to become members because these groups of runners are outstanding. They are there for you when you have a question, need advice or simply guidance. They have grown to be my running “Ohana” (my running family). I have learned so much from every member."

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Meet Paul

"The friends I made at CARA made each run interesting and helped the miles fly by! What I like best about CARA's training programs is that there are different pace groups to fit your level of skill, endurance, and well-being...Having peers to run with held me accountable and the genuine encouragement and companionship that I experienced on each CARA outing helped me to realize my goals."

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Meet Jessica

As a four time Boston Marathon qualifier, I finally made it to the finish line! Not even an injury stopped me!

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Meet Kristen Heckert

"Joining CARA lets me become part of the Chicago and Chicago area running community, which is important to me, my team, and New Balance Chicago. With memebership, I am not only part of the community but CARA also offers volunteer opportunities so I am able to help support the running community in the Chicagoland area."

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Meet Emily & Mike

"As an avid runner, I love that running, and specifically CARA, brought me and my now-husband, Mike, together."

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Meet Kevin Havel

"CARA is just a great organization and really embodies Chicago running.  I want to be plugged into the running community and meet and compete against Chicagoland runners."

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Meet Brad

On February 6, 2016 Brad Stephenson was honored and awarded with the Comeback Runner of the Year Awarded presented by NovaCare Rehabilitation at the CARA Awards Banquet.  Brad, an active runner and sports enthusiast suffered an acute injury to the ankle while playing kickball which required a surgical procedure to fix.  After an initial round of unsuccessful physical therapy Brad's friends recommended he get a second opinion from Molly Foreman, a physical therapist at NovaCare Rehabilitation.  Molly conducted a series of careful analysis and physical therapy treatments which led her to believe that there was a deeper problem.  Brad underwent another surgery and  worked with Molly to build strength and return to running. 

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Meet Stephanie & Mark

"Over the next several months, I trained for Ironman Wisconsin, and Mark trained for Chicago. Our heavy training schedules didn’t leave us with much time to plan a wedding, but our CARA friends pitched in to help."

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Helping Others

"I love that CARA, in addition to its own non-profit work, reaches out to so many local organizations and helps them raise their own money through running."
-Beth Ferrari Morris

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