Meet Evelyn C.

My first CARA Volunteer experience was as a PACE Group Leader for the Chicago Marathon & Winter Marathon training program about 6 years ago. I met so many amazing people through the years volunteering with CARA, and thankful to call some of them friends.

When I received an email from CARA introducing the new GoRun program taking place in Humboldt Park I was very excited & knew right away I had to volunteer. I was born and raised in Humboldt Park and I wanted to help CARA in any way I could to help make GoRun a success! I’ve been a volunteer with GoRun since day one. I’ve had different roles at the GoRun, but primary role now is setting up the race course.

Best part of my role is talking to people in the park while I’m setting up & letting them know about GoRun & then seeing them there the following week dressed & ready to run.

To anyone thinking of volunteering with CARA, you should know that you will be rewarded knowing you played a role in putting that big smile on that runners face when they cross the finish line & that’s priceless.