Meet Jessica

4 time Boston Qualifier and now finisher!

I have been running for about 6 years now and Boston has been my dream and goal.  This past September I qualified at the Last Chance to BQ.2 in Geneva IL with a time of 3:34:53. As part of my Boston Training, I decided to run the Live Grit Lakefront 10 Miler.  During the race my leg tightened up and I experienced shin splint type pains.  I stopped at the NovaCare Rehabilitation tent after the race and was advised to see a doctor. After some tests, a stress fracture was luckily ruled out. I was diagnosed with tendonitis and knee bursitis and I got a prescription for physical therapy.  I was able to start therapy right away with Michael Bumroongsuk aka “Bam” at the Elmhurst NovaCare Rehabilitation Clinic.  He used a variety of techniques such as ultrasound, dry needling, and "graston" to treat my injuries.  He let me use the Alter G for a 15 mile training run and weekly runs and taped me up with Kinesiology Tape for my outdoor runs.  He also added some new workouts to strengthen my core and hips. Michael is a very good physical therapist.  He really knows his stuff.  With his help I was able to race the Boston Marathon this year.  I ran great in Boston ,even with the heat, and finished in 3:44:22.  All thanks to Michael or "Bam". Michael’s wonderful treatment is keeping me up and running!