Meet Lisa M.

Team CARA Charity Member

1. How long have you been running?

  • I have been running for approximately 6 years.  I started running independentlyto get in shape and push myself. Running has not only given me physical health benefits but also mental health benefits.  It clears my head.  When I am happy, I run.  Angry? Go for a run.  Sad? Wipe those tears and run.  Stressed? Exhaust your body, calm your mind. I liked that running was a numbers game and I could see myself getting faster and going longer distances.  My first race was the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k in 2012.  I completed my first half marathon in Fall 2012 in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Since then I have completed 7 half marathons, 3 of which were in different states (Vancouver, WA; Las Vegas, NV; and Asheville, NC). Joining Fast Track Racing Team two years ago has been an important part of my growth as a runner.  My team mates are so inspiring and encouraging and push me to go that extra mile.

2. Is this your first marathon?

  • The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be my first marathon.  I do not have a time goal.  This race is more about the experience for me and crossing the finish line. I have volunteered at one of the Chicago Marathon water stops for the past 2 years.  The energy in the city of Chicago on marathon day is incredible.  I have seen many Fast Track team mates and CARA runners successfully complete the marathon.  I once thought I would never do a marathon and now I have the right mindset to check it off my bucket list.

3. What prompted you to join CARA’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon charity team?

  • I believe that CARA is an important organization within the running community.  CARA has provided many opportunities to bring runners together, has provided a wealth of information and training opportunities to runners, and has created free opportunities for the community to come together and be active.

4. What are you most excited about for this training?

  • I will be training with CARA’s Summer Marathon Training Program out of Schaumburg this summer.  I have seen many runners successfully finish CARA’s Marathon Training programs and I know with their support and guidance I will be well prepared for the race.  I am excited for the challenge and the discipline that comes along with training for a marathon.  It is a huge time commitment and I am prepared for challenge.  It is all about the journey for me and I am excited to push my mind and body to the limits to see what they are capable of.  I am nervous about the commitment ahead but I know with the support of the CARA team and my Fast Track Racing Team team mates I will make it through training and successfully cross that finish line with a smile and maybe some happy tears.