Meet Ruben

How long have you been running? 
I started running on & off since 2008.
How long have you been a CARA member? 
I became a member in 2014.
How did you first hear about CARA?
My girlfriend then, now my wife trained with CARA for her fist marathon in 2008 and she told me about CARA.
How did you start training with CARA?
It was after my first marathon in 2013, I ran it without training or a run longer than 5 miles, LOL (I was crazy I know), after I finished it I went home and spent the next 3 days in bed since I could not move, worst feeling ever, I do not recommend it to do it like that; then my wife suggested to try running with CARA. I am currently training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2017, and when possible due to my busy work schedule I register for races that fit in the CARA Summer Training Program. This year will actually be my 5th Marathon.
How many marathons have you completed?
I have completed 4, all of them in Chicago, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and soon 2017, I love this city & the 10:30 Awesomes! 
What is it about marathons that keeps you coming back for more?
Running marathons remind me that I can accomplish anything I want in life, it also keeps me connected to God, during training my relationship with Him gets stronger, specially during the long runs, it is just me and Him, lots of prayer and meditation, many people would never imagine what is in my head when I am quiet, it is very special. I recently almost lost my 6 year old son from a heart attack, while he was in the hospital he said to me once "Dad I wish I could run", that brought Jamie to my mind, she often says "I run because I can" and that is another reason why I want to continue running, because I can.
What is your favorite part of CARA marathon training?
Making new friends, sharing and learning from each other; the leaders, I am sure all of them are great in every group, Jamie Graves & Jon Kamp are the spirit of the 10:30 awesomes, and they are all all special in different ways, Christine McCall, Lisa Verdon, Jill Anne, Amanda Huber, Liz Kreider, Tom Osran, George Tchakanakis, also I love when I have visited other groups, it is nice to have options, on Sundays, other locations or different times like the group at 6am with Carrie Joy Lash. CARA is just a great running community to be part of.