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C-A-R-A for Miles

" I was a CARA pace leader at Montrose approx 1998 & 1999 and loved it! One of my best memories was during a 20-mile run with my group. To get through the miles, we'd go down the alphabet and everyone would should out positive or motivating or silly words that started with that letter and the word had at least some relationship (however remote) to running. So I'd say "A" and they'd shout: Awesome, Amazing, Athletic, Awake, Alive, etc. until we depleted our minds of every A word we could think of. Then I'd shout "B", and the group would shout out B words: Bold, Brilliant, Bonk, etc... This helped us get through some of the tough miles of the long run. Even to this day, years later, I think of this game and remember the fond memory. I wonder if anyone in my pace group remembers this too."
-Geri B.


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