Columba Montes

Warren Park

‘Go Run is a great opportunity for families to start running together since it’s a free event. Every time I saw a child cross the finish line I saw joy across their faces and in their eyes. One woman stuck out to me in particular. She was about fifty-years-old and walked up to me and my group. We were doing stretches and she started doing them with us. After that she started calling me coach. She told me that she wanted to run a 5k but had never ran one before and asked for my advice on how to run it. I gave her some suggestions and every time she saw me she just kept calling me coach. I had never seen her before in my life, yet she trusted me and we bonded. Eventually the woman successfully finished a 5K. She went from not being a runner to running over three miles through CARA’s ‘Go Run program, which I think is the whole goal of the program, to get new people out and running.