Humboldt Park

Nick Schneigert

Humboldt Park is a unique area where diversity is huge. Humboldt Park is like the central focal point of diversity. This is what makes Chicago a great place to live because it's the diversity that makes our city so strong.

I started with CARA because Greg Hipp was my roommate while he was the head coach at Northern Illinois University while I was an assistant coach at Rockford College. We had similar backgrounds as college coaches and thus he asked me to help him out with CARA with my background in cross country and track and field, and obviously as an avid runner. I also volunteered at a few aid stations for him in the past.

My experience with endurance running is a bit crazy. I was actually a mid distance runner/sprinter in high school. My father was a 1:51 800 meter athlete in Poland before he became a political refugee. Following in his footsteps I chose to do the 800 meters; however, I became an above average sprinter with low 50 second 400's and mid 11 second 100's. I even long jumped and I did pretty well. However, I did end up running in the 800 meters while I was competing with the All Navy Track team in California, but ended up running my first half marathon at Lake Tahoe.

Since then I have run over 80 road races ranging from ultra marathons, marathons, 10k's, and 5k's. I have been hooked and now its been a blessing! Its a dream come true that I coach at Illinois Tech as an assistant coach for cross country and I coach sprinters/hurdlers/relays/jumpers during the track season. This past spring we broke 5 records in the high jump, 4x1, 4x4, 400, and 100!! I also am the run coach at Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville, and in charge of the marathon/half marathon training group!!

I had a local resident at a 'Go Run come up to me and tell me that it's good what we are doing in the community. He told me Humboldt Park was not a safe place to do anything, but times have changed and is more safe than the years before. Programs like 'Go Run makes the area safer in my opinion and is much needed to make our area safer.

We've had the same volunteers come in week in and week out. They came because they want programs like these to be in an area like Humboldt Park. We worked as a team and it was amazing. It's free and it helps people who have never run a 5k or even a mile to see whats it like!

Our mid-distance and distance programs in Chicago are stronger every year and it will only boost more participation, great opportunities such as this, and great youth programs. Who knows? Maybe one day we will have an Olympic athlete in the future who started out as a young 'Go Run participant.

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