Humboldt Park

Patricia Bustamante

Humbolt Park is a great site for new and experienced runners. Our group of "regulars" are friendly and welcoming. The experienced runners are supportive of the newer runners and are always willing to share tips and suggestions. Everyone cheers on each other!

I started with CARA because of my fiancé, Nick Schneigert, who is a college coach and avid runner. Personally, somewhat new to running. I have done many 5ks and I'm working towards being able to do longer runs.

Our group is unique in the sense that the majority of the runners come back every week. Throughout our time at 'Go Run we have all become friends and have learned to depend on each other for motivation and encouragement.

'Go Runs really are for all ages. There is a 74 year old runner who not only regularly runs the 'GoRuns himself but often brings along his great-grandchildren to run with him. He is a real inspiration and encourages all of us to keep going. It's the perfect example about what the running community is all about.

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