CARA Runners' Choice Circuit

2016 Clydesdale & Athena Competition Rules

Clydesdale & Athena Competition offers CARA runners the opportunity to compete in weight divisions. This recognized category of competition affords the heavier, taller runner the chance to compete on a level playing field with others in the same weight divisions.

Clydesdales and Athena runners will have the opportunity to score points in the 2017 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit in the following weight categories:

Women (Athena):

  • A = 155-169
  • B = 170+

Men (Clydesdale):

  • A = 185-199
  • B = 200-224
  • C = 225+ 

The Clydesdale / Athena competition will be scored and administered by the same rules and procedures used for CARA Individual Age Group competition except that finishing times will be converted to an age-graded score and runners ranked accordingly.

In each race; in each male and female weight division, fifteen (15) points will be awarded to the runner with the highest age-graded score in his/her respective weight division, fourteen (14) for second, etc. 

Registration:  Runners must register online (REGISTER HERE) and weigh-in to participate in the 2017 Clydesdale / Athena Competition.

  • You must be a CARA member at the time of registration and remain so the date of the last CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit race.
  • All Clydesdale / Athena applications must be on file by July 1 of the current year. 

Weigh-Ins:  Initially, upon registration, runners will be placed in a weight category according to their ‘estimated’ weight. Weight categories may change after weigh-in.  Thereafter, runners will compete for points in the same weight division for the rest of the season. Runners who do not weigh in by July 31st will be dropped from the standings and all scores will be recalculated.  Runners who are not CARA members at the end of the season will be dropped from the standings; however, scores will not be recalculated.

Scoring:  As indicated above, finishing times will be age-graded and runners ranked accordingly.  Age-graded scores are based on a mathematical formula which takes into consideration the runner’s age and gender, the race distance, finishing time and the national age group record. Some of the races in the CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit may have their own Clydesdale / Athena competitions and awards.  These are completely separate from and are conducted apart from the CARA Clydesdale / Athena Competition.

Times:  The Clydesdale / Athena scorer will locate the finishing times of all registered Clydesdale / Athena runners in the official race results of all Circuit races.  Runners need not report their times.  Only posted results will be used for scoring.

Awards:  Runners may not win CARA year-end age group and CARA Clydesdale / Athena division awards.  A runner may score points in both, but if qualifying for awards in both, must select one.

Other considerations:

Runners 18 & Under are not eligible for individual awards (overall, age group, age graded, Clydesdale / Athena, etc...) in the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit. Runners 18 & Under may compete in the expanded CARA Youth Circuit for individual awards.

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