Corporate Team Competition

Compete against other companies in the area!

The CARA Corporate Team Competition is a year-long series of eight (8) select CARA Runners' Choice Circuit races in which company and corporate teams compete under uniform rules and qualify for year-end awards and recognition.  Runners who meet eligibility requirements may also compete in CARA’s Individual, Club, and Clydesdale competitions CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit Races.


2017 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit - Corporate Circuit Schedule

Date  Race Scored Distance Location
March 18 Wintrust Lakefront 10 Miler and 5K 10 Miles Chicago
April 2 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K 8K Chicago
April 23 The Good Life Race 5K 5K Oak Park
May 29 Ridge Run 10K Beverly
June 24 Proud to Run 10K Chicago
July 30 NU Run for Walk 4.1 Mile Evanston
Aug 21 Windrunner 10K 10K Wheaton
Sep 24 Oui Run 5K Chicago

2017 Rules

Eligibility:  Any non-running related company in the Chicago metropolitan area may field a team in the CARA Corporate Team Competition.  

Employees and their immediate family members (spouses, children, parents, and siblings) are eligible to compete for a company.  Employees must be working a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week at the company/corporation as of each race date.

Team Size:   Four runners may score for a team at each race. There is no limit to the number of runners who participate for a team and teams are not split by gender. The same four runners do not have to participate in all races where the team scores. 

Team Captains:  Each team must select a team captain who must be an active CARA member at time of registration.  Other team members are not required to be CARA members to be part of Corporate scoring.  Team Captains are responsible for registering their team, managing and submitting the team roster, and reporting results after each race.

Registration / Roster: Teams must register for this competition.  Registration forms may be submitted at any time during the Circuit. Scores will not accumulate until races run after registration. All registered teams will be provided a discounted CARA membership rate for their company’s employees and immediate family members upon request.

 Registration Form

Rosters of all team members (employees and employee relatives) participating must be submitted to the Corporate Circuit Scorer.  Only those listed on the roster prior to each race may count in scores.  Rosters should be submitted by e-mail as an Excel file with labeled columns for full name, gender, birthdate and age of all eligible team members. Rosters may be updated through the Circuit.

Scoring:  Runners will score points for their team based on the value of the percentile of their finish place within their age group.  The average of the four best scoring runners from each team will determine the teams score.  Therefore, individual team members scores are based on each runners performance level against runners their own age and gender, not their performance level against all runners overall.  This is so that the circuit does not favor runners of any certain age or gender. 

For team standings the top scoring team from each race will be awarded 15 points.  Each of the next place teams will be awarded one less point.  All participating teams will be awarded a minimum of one point.

Company’s may score points in all races in this competition. However, only each team’s top five (5) team scores will be used to determine the final team standings for the season.  Meaning a team does not have to participate in every race to remain competitive. But competing in all races provides the best opportunity to maximize a team’s five best scores.

In the case of a tie, three criteria will be used to break the tie:

  • Number of races the team scored in
  • The results of head-to-head competition between the tied teams
  • The team’s point total from its six best races.

Results Reporting: The team captain is required to submit to the CARA Scorer, within one week after each race, a list of all employees and relatives of employees who competed for the company in said race along with their approximate finishing times.

Send all rosters and results to Jeff Vorreyer, Corporate Circuit Scorer.

Results and/or corrections will not be accepted if more than three races have passed since the race date.  No more than one revision will be made per race. 

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