CARA Runers' Choice Circuit

2017 Club Competition Rules

Club Competition:  This is a season-long competition between Chicago area running clubs/teams (hereafter referred to as clubs).  

Races:  Clubs may score points in CARA’s Runners’ Choice Circuit races.  The Circuit is made up of fifteen races of diverse distances and locations.  Scores will only be accumulated in the Circuit scored distance at each event.

Registration:  Running clubs (as a Club) must register to compete by completing the CARA Club Application.  There are no fees for club team participation (new for 2017).

Club Membership:  Individual members of a club need not be CARA members.  However, club members from states other than Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana will be scored for clubs only if they have had continuing membership in the club for at least 30 days prior to the race in which they are scored.

Clubs must submit to the CARA Club scorer, Doug Pearson ( the following at least one day prior to the first race they wish to score in:

- Current roster (in Excel) of Club members.
- Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Complete and accurate information on the club roster is imperative. This is the only way CARA and the Club Competition scorer will know who is competing for each club. To meet the needs of the CARA Club scorer, every effort must be made to submit a roster, which contains only the names of persons eligible to be scored for that club.

That roster (in Excel) must be submitted with the following information in separate fields: last name, first name, gender, date of birth, hometown, state. Returning clubs who previously participated in the Club Competition may contact Doug Pearson to request their 2016 roster. Rather than creating a new roster, please update this roster; adding new, and deleting former, members and return to Doug Pearson.

Since runners may belong to more than one club and appear on more than one roster, CARA recommends that team captains continue to email their rosters to each other. In this way, captains can contact members with multiple club memberships to determine for which club the runner is competing. Once committed to competing for a particular club, runners may not switch clubs during a season.

New members may be added to a club roster during the season. They may not be added on race day. The Club Competition Scorer, Doug Pearson, needs to be notified of new members who are residents of Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin at least 24 hours prior to a race. New members from any other states cannot be added within 30 days of a race. When adding or deleting a member, do not submit the entire roster unless the new information is color-coded. Otherwise, individual additions and deletions are sufficient

Scoring: Clubs may compete and be scored in many categories.  They may compete in any/all of the following categories using the indicated scoring method. 

  • Combined (using age graded scoring only) – Top 5 runners scored
  • Male open – Top 5 runners scored
  • Female open – Top 5 runners scored
  • Male Masters (40 & over) - Top 3 runners scored
  • Female Masters (40 & over) - Top 3 runners scored
  • Male Veteran (50 & over) - Top 3 runners scored
  • Female Veteran (50 & over) - 3 runners scored
  • Male Senior (60 & over) - 3 runners scored
  • Female Senior (60 & over) - 3 runners scored

Club participants who qualify for more than one category will be scored in all those categories.  Ex: a 60 year old runner could place for their club in combined, open, masters, veteran and senior competitions.

First place club receives 15 points; 14 points for second place, etc. The 8 best races are scored.

If two teams have the same time, they will receive the average of the score the tied teams would get. For example if two teams tie for second, both teams would receive 13.5 points. All teams that enter the minimum number of scored runners will get at least one point. The top 10 races count for the year end total.  If at the end of the season teams are tied, the 11th best race will be compared. If a tie still persists the 12th race, 13th, 14th, etc.

A default score of the slower of a 15 minute per mile pace or 10% slower than the last official finishing runner will be awarded for runners needed to fill in for absent runners.

The CARA scorer, working from club rosters, will do all scoring involved in this competition. Nothing further need be done before or after each race, except to update rosters as needed throughout the season.

Clubs are responsible for checking the scorer’s posted standings and will have 30 days from posting to offer corrections.

Scorer will use chip time results (if available) to determine finishing times. 


The top three clubs in each category will be awarded at the CARA Awards Banquet

Safe Running

"I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about how wonderful and positive an experience this was! I’m so proud to say I finished the marathon, and without injury! I feel that because of my CARA training I was able to run the race safely."
-Carolyn Nugent


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