CARA Youth Circuit

A fun introduction to the running and racing community for young runners

The CARA Youth Circuit is an opportunity for younger runners to be introduced to running and have fun competing against runners their own age.

In 2016, the Youth Circuit will have expanded age groups as follows:  8 & Under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, 15 & 16, 17& 18. 

At each Youth Circuit race, each age division will have a specific distance race scored. Younger age divisions may be assigned a shorter distance at the event. This is to aid in young runners’ development, so that they may learn how to race and compete at more manageable distances. Alternatively, more experienced runners will be able to compete against their age divisions at the full race distance. The top three runners in each age group will be eligible for CARA Circuit Awards and recognized at the annual CARA Awards Banquet


2016 CARA Runners' Choice Circuit

Date  Race 8 & U 9 & 10 11 & 12 13 & 14 15 & 16 17 & 18
June 4 Cosley Zoo Run for the Animals 5K 5K 5K 5K 5K 5K
June 18 The PR Mile 1Mi 1Mi 1Mi 1Mi 1Mi 1Mi
July 4 Elmhurst RC 4 on the 4th 1K 1K 1K 4Mi 4Mi 4Mi
July 31 NU Run for Walk 4.1Mi  4.1Mi 4.1Mi 4.1Mi 4.1Mi 4.1Mi
September 11 Alpine Races 1Mi 1Mi 5K 5K N/A N/A

Runners must complete at least two (2) races to become circuit award eligible. Runners may run as many circuit races as they wish, and will be able to count scores for all races.  Scoring will end after August 1st for age groups 15+ due to the start of high school cross-country. 

For complete circuit rules and standings please see menu in upper right hand column.



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