Jane Murphy

Washington Park

I wanted to work the event because I loved the whole concept of exposing people to running, walking and racing, that might not have the opportunity otherwise. Bringing it to communities in Chicago and taking advantage of our beautiful parks seemed brilliant! Besides, running is the solution to most of life's most difficult problems!

I volunteered and also ran at the Washington Park location. It was such a fun and relaxed atmosphere, that I normally don't feel at races. Plus the course was so beautiful and the people were so inspired, making it hard not to smile the whole way. For example their was John that ran/walked with an arm in a cast. He brought his young daughter that met other young runners her age, so she appeared to make some new friends. Then the two young brothers that came to run with their mom. Their goal was to start by running the mile race, but ended the season by completing the 5k. I believe they all met their goals!

Hopefully I was useful in helping with setup and take down. I also enjoyed cheering and encouraging others. I wish I could have attended more of them! I think Go Run is great for the community. It's opportunities like this that can change someone's life in the best way...Who wouldn't want to be part of that?