Running Shoe Inserts

By Dr. Michael Chin

Over-the-counter insoles or custom orthotics are not for everyone! Preventing an injury is always in the best interest of a runner, but that does not mean adding a supportive insole to your shoe helps.

Buyer Beware! There are sales tactics being used to promote the purchase of an insole without any form of validation. Often, this happens when the insoles are sold to you after your shoe fitting is complete and your pronation was not assessed with the inserts in your shoes. This could lead to over-correction of your foot and cause an injury.

The best approach to determining whether you need any additional support (over-the-counter or custom) in your shoes is to seek the advice from a sports medicine podiatrist that can evaluate and/or prescribe a video gait assessment to determine whether the shoes you are using are correct and if additional support is warranted.