Running Form Training

Would you like to run more efficiently? Increase your running performance? Reduce your risk of injury?

Even the slightest adjustments to your technique can enhance your running experience!

 CARA Running Form Training can help.

CARA now offers Gait Analysis in TWO convenient ways:

Want a great complement to your Gait Analysis? Check out our "core strength" training and running program – CARA's CSP Program with Coach Bill Leach. 

Learn more about Coach Leach.

Tennis Player-Turned Runner

"Even though I played tennis throughout high school and college, I never was interested in running. Mainly because I wasn’t any good at it. Finally got up the nerve to join CARA’s beginning running program in winter 2011, and now, here I am with three half marathons and a stint at being a group leader under my belt! Thanks CARA!!!"
-Robyn S.