Tom Cuffe

Coach Tom Cuffe comes to CARA with an incredible wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience as a top flight competitor, coach and leader. His 44 years in the sport of distance running encompasses all levels of athletic competition and training including coaching road racers from the 5k to the marathon to age group championships, national titles and personal best performances. In addition, he has guided high school, collegiate and elite athletes to the highest pinnacles of success nationally. Coach Cuffe is a proven winner in producing results and motivating his athletes to go to the top of the mountain!

Tom has had an All-American running career both on the track as well as on the roads. He has studied the science of running with some of the best exercise physiologists from around the world and is in high demand to speak on the lecture circuit and at summer running camps on all facets of running and motivation. Coach Cuffe is now extremely excited to turn his laser focus towards sharing his expertise and experience with road runners to guide and mentor them to chase their goals and attain athletic success and satisfaction in their training and racing.