Group Leader Application

Interested in becoming a Group Leader for the Summer Marathon Training Program?

All CARA training programs rely on CARA member Group Leaders to provide guidance, knowledge, and motivation to help runners successfully complete their training.  Group leaders have three primary responsibilities:
Keep Runners Safe, Accurately Pace their Group and Keep their Group Organized  

More Info:  Group Leader Guide
Group Leader Requirements:
  • Experience / Pace - You should have a background in racing the distance you plan to lead and be comfortable running the pace you plan on leading. Past experience as a participant in CARA training is preferred.
  • Leader Training - Group leaders will be asked to complete a group leader training session (online). CPR certification will also be offered to all group leaders at a discounted rate of $49 fee to Red Cross.
  • Attendance - Group leaders must commit to consistent attendance and avoiding absences through all 18 weeks of the program, with a maximum of three adsenses. 
  • CARA Membership - Group leaders are required to hold an active CARA membership.
  • Policies / Communications - Group leaders are expected to follow and promote CARA training program policies, follow the CARA training plan when leading their group, encourage participants to take part in training program events (Ready to Run 20 Miler and Marathon VIP), positively support CARA and stay informed on CARA communications. Group leaders must not be unsubscribed from CARA e-mail communications. 
Apply - Group leaders must complete the Group Leader Application for each program they intend to group lead. Group leaders who are accepted will be automatically registered for the training program and will not be required to complete any additional program registration.  An active CARA membership is required before accessing the group leader application form.  If you can not access the form first check and update your membership status. If you need to join or renew please allow three business days for your membership to update.  Packets may still be picked up in person for free at locations to be announced.  Group leaders wishing to have their packet mailed will be provided a option after acceptance (fee not included) to set up this service.  

Competitive Spark

"When I was about 10, my decidedly non-runner father challenged me to a footrace across our backyard and beat me. It lit a competitive streak in me that hasn’t let up yet. Some 20 years later, I’m still running and just finished my 2nd marathon (and with CARA’s help, qualified for Boston.) My dad still likes to look at my race memorabilia and remember that once, just once, he out-ran me."
-Rachel F.