Meet Albert Miller

Albert Miller started running later in life than most, at the age of 60! He was first inspired when he watched his daughter run a half marathon. Albert is now 65 and conitnues to run while still enjoying hobbies like playing in woodwinds in multiple jazz groups throughout Chicago.

1) What first inspired you to want to run a marathon? How capable did you feel you were of running a marathon?

When I first started running my goal was to do a 5K . After several 5Ks I built up to the farther distance runs until I did my first half marathon. After several half marathons I joined the CARA summer training program and ran with theYankee Runners group in the south suburbs.

2) How did marathon training change your outlook on life?

Yankee Runners group was also very supportive . They gave us specific goals and helped with staying positive for the beginning of the day.

3) Sometimes training through the summer is hard due to vacation(s). How did you keep up with your training? What would you tell a runner that is considering training but hasn’t because they know they will miss some of it?

I was training for the Prairie State Marathon, while I was on a bus tour of the national parks for almost three weeks.The tour kept me very busy during the day, so I ran the CARA training schedule in the evening in the parks. When on vacation you have to adjust your running times in order to reach your goals.

4) Why did you choose to participate in the program again and what are you most looking forward to?

This year I want to run the Chicago Marathon, so I know I need the scheduled training CARA provides. I’m looking forward to getting back with the supportive people of the Yankee Runners group.

5) What most surprised you during this marathon journey?

I was most surprised that I could get to the end of the marathon. I’m not fast and I don’t look good, but I was ok.

6) During the training process there comes a point where every runner hits a wall. How did you keep yourself going? What did you tell yourself?

I kept myself going in the last six miles, by dedicating each mile to a person who had a positive influence on me.

7) How did marathon training enhance the already amazing Chicago summer experience?

I would not have been outside in the parks as much without the running schedule that CARA provides.

8) What was the hardest thing for you to overcome during training or running the marathon? 

The hardest thing for me was getting up and running in the morning with the Yankee Runners. I’m a night person and didn’t even know there was a 6:00 a.m. much less that I could run at that time.

9) If there was someone sitting on the couch right now, thinking about doing what you did, what advice would you give them?

If I can do it anyone in good health can do it, by taking small steps at a time to improve your ability. Start walking one block and gradually add on.

10) How has training and running a marathon changed your relationship with your kids? Do you do more sports related activities with them now?

My family is very supportive and I have run several half marathons with my daughter which is really fun. Of course she’s faster than me.

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