Meet George Jasinski

32-year-old George Jasinski started running just three years ago. Outside of running he's a foodie and traveler. While many people start running to get into shape, George began his running career to spend more time with his partner, and from there he was hooked!

1) What first inspired you to want to run a marathon? How capable did you feel you were of running a marathon?

My partner was training for the Chicago Marathon and I wanted to spend more time with him since training takes up such a big chunk of time, particularly in the summer. I started on 1-3 mile runs and progressed from there! I felt semi-capable and I was athletic growing up until college happened and I fell off the wagon.

2) How did marathon training change your outlook on life?

It showed me that I am always able to learn something new and that you only get better at things by working hard!

3) What is your go to running song and why?

I only train with music on short runs, but I really like to blast “Do You Wanna Funk” by Sylvester. Disco seems to make the miles go by faster.

4) Why did you choose to participate in the program again and what are you most looking forward to?

I love the community of people. They inspire me to get up early and run and then hold me accountable if I’m not there. They give guidance and have great stories. I love my Saturday 6:00am 8:30s!

5) What marathon are you running in the fall? What are your expectations for it, and how will training with CARA help you meet those expectations?

I’m running the Berlin Marathon. I’m hoping to PR after my last run at the Chicago Marathon last year. The CARA summer program fits the timeline perfectly and will act as a great sendoff to Germany!

6) What most surprised you during this marathon journey?

The community and how important it is to my training and recovery. I couldn’t do those long runs without the great people that run with CARA.

7) During the training process there comes a point where every runner hits a wall. How did you keep yourself going? What did you tell yourself?

I looked to the people around me - at home, work, in my training group. They were great and sharing stories and being supportive, but also pushing me to finish each morning.

8) How did marathon training enhance the already amazing Chicago summer experience?

I get to watch the sunrise every Saturday morning on the lake. It is such a beautiful thing to see as you are about to start a long run.

9) What was the hardest thing for you to overcome during training or running the marathon? Time commitment? Doubt?

Injury and forcing myself to rest. I wanted to run fast and hard and eventually burned out. Feeling OK with taking a break is difficult!

10) If there was someone sitting on the couch right now, thinking about doing what you did, what advice would you give them?

Start small. Set goals. Make a plan.


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