Supplemental Training

CARA can help you achieve your training goals with Coach Leach's individually tailored programs

CSP Training: CSP features a series of unique exercises designed to strengthen your body's "core" - that is, the muscles of the hips, abdomen, back, and middle and upper torso. It also includes strength and power exercises for the muscles that propel you forward while running.

Gait Analysis Programs:An in-depth, in-person videotaping and review session of your running stride with Coach Leach. You will recieve a full analysis and report with recommended exercises  to improve performance. 

Speed Training: This program features a weekly series of short sprint, interval and tempo workouts conducted by Coach Leach. It is designed for runners of all abilities and has been shown to lead many athletes to personal best performances. 


  • Early Summer Half Marathon Training

This 12-week program is designed to get you tuned up and ready for a Half Marathon, like the Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half.

  • Summer Marathon Training

This 18-week program is designed to help runners get ready for their Fall Marathon, including the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

  • CARA Road Scholars

Help underserved high schoolers complete their first half marathon.