Frequently Asked Questions

My race is not one of the target races. Can I still use the winter training program?

Yes, the winter program can be tailored to most races occurring between January and May. You can move the training plans we offer on your personal Final Surge page and it can be geared toward your race. You can also choose to receive the personal coaching option and the plan can be geared to all of your needs and goal pace, etc. Winter training plans will include 12-week half marathon plans, and an 18 week marathon plan. There will also be the option to train for both a half marathon and full marathon using a custom plan. If you are register for one program and have a current 2018 membership you gain access to all winter programs.

I can't come to all of the long runs. Should I still sign up for onsite training?

Yes, the schedule is built to allow runners to take advantage of long runs that fit into their schedule. Runners can attend all long runs or some.

What is Final Surge?

Final Surge is CARA's preferred online training log. Your 24-week training program is available on final surge. For more information:

Does Final Surge allow me to personalize my training plan?

Yes, you can move the training plans up and back weeks and days to adjust it to your target race.

Do virtual training participants have access to group long runs?

No, our virtual training program is most appropriate for runners who cannot attend our group long runs or for runners who prefer to train individually.

Is the virtual training program tailored to each runner?

No, the virtual training program provides specific programs based on race distance and training time (in weeks). To receive personalized plans we recommend adding our personal coaching option.

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