Volunteer with CARA!

Give back, get involved, and stay connected

Without the commitment and support of our volunteers, CARA would not run efficiently which is why we truly appreciate every one of them. No matter the task, our volunteers go above and beyond to give back to the community. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded and influenced by the most selfless volunteers around. Join our volunteer team and feel the joy of giving back!

5 Recommendation Reasons

"1) The training is GREAT! Well-planned and results in runners making major improvements if they follow it. 2) Excellent value: Runner’s World magazine, race discounts, training discounts, partner discounts. 3) Resources for the WHOLE runner: PT nutrition, etc. 4) Staff: they have ALWAYS been responsive to my inquiries. 5) Esprit de corps: the feeling and knowledge that we are part of a large group of runners. I have recommended CARA membership to many people for all of those reasons! - Mark M."
-- Mark M.