Tuesday Night Track Workouts

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Tuesday Night Track Workouts provides organized and coached led workouts. 

We are a supportive group of runners in the Edgewater/Andersonville area that meet up to run, race, train and compete.

Over the years we have provided a safe environment as an alternative to running alone. We are welcoming, and encourage runners of all abilities to strive to be their best. Many of us participate in the CARA Circuit and Marathon Training, we are CARA ambassadors, group leaders and committed volunteers.


Originally started by Amanda, Elizabeth, Leah and Stephanie meeting at the corner of Glenwood and Glenlake, the GlenGlen runners were formed. We continue to grow and keep picking up more and more runners along the way…literally. Our runs still start at Glen/Glen, and as we run down Glenwood we are joined by other neighbors with a final pick up spot at the the corner of Sheridan and Berwyn, before heading onto the Lakefront Trail.

Our Neighborhood

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Our Runs

Group Run - Thursday's @ 6:00 a.m. / 6:20 a.m.

Location: Start 1 (Glenwood Ave. & Glenlake Ave., Chicago) / Start 2 (5313 Sheridan Rd, Chicago)

Details: We meet Thursday mornings at 6:00 a.m. on the SE corner of Glenwood and Glenlake. Or be at the NE corner of Sheridan and Berwyn (in front of the Enterprise Car Rental) at 6:20 a.m. Members run between 3 and 8 miles, and we make sure people are accompanied at the various turn-around points. Most weeks you will find runners between 8:30 - 10:30 paces. If you fall outside those paces, we would still love you to join us. We’ll work to make sure you have a companion.

Most of our group participates in CARA training programs at Montrose which when in session include Wednesday track workouts and weekend long runs. When training programs are not in session, many of our group participates in CARA track workouts on Tuesday's at at the Wilson Track.

Sign-up is only required for those who aren't active members or haven't participated in any CARA program or event in 2022.


Join Us!

The GlenGlen Runners are open to everyone, and there is no cost to participate. Simply join CARA as a Friend Level member (FREE), or become a CARA Supporter Level member for full member benefits.



  • Run details (overview, distance, route, location, etc.) can be found in run listing above, and on STRAVA (click on each run listing for STRAVA event).

  • Announcements for runs, will be posted by Run Crew leaders on STRAVA club discussion. Participants can post questions, comments and encouragement on this event pages as well.

  • ​Runners and walkers of all paces and abilities are welcome.

  • Be sure to bring your own personal hydration. Jogging strollers and pets on a leash are welcome unless the run's leader determines they are not safe for that particular location. No gear check is provided.

  • Runs are held rain or shine, but will not run in lightning or other unsafe conditions. Any announcements related to the run will be posted to the runs specific STRAVA event.


Darren DeMatoff (montrosesunday@cararuns.org)

Weather Policy

When hazardous weather is present or probable during a Run Crew group run or workout, Run Crew leaders will post announcements to the specific run's STRAVA event link.

Look for announcements at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the run or event if there appears to be a potential for changes.

Participants are encouraged to consider their individual situations when choosing whether to participate when there is the potential for hazardous weather, even when CARA has chosen to proceed.

Given the nature of Chicagoland weather, not all conditions are foreseeable, and leaders may make changes on-site at programs and events. Please keep in mind that safety will be the primary focus of weather-related decisions.

The evaluation will weigh present conditions as well as probable conditions that could be present during and immediately after a program/event.

Examples of hazardous weather that changes could result from include, but are not limited to:

  • Lightning strikes within 6 miles

  • High heat or humidity

  • Snow accumulation greater than 12 inches over a 12 hour period

  • Icy conditions

  • Severe cold of below zero degrees (with wind chill) on weather.com

  • Tornado watch or warning

  • Flooding /flash flood warnings

  • Extreme winds

Please note CARA leaders may postpone or cancel a run under different weather conditions at their discretion.

COVID-19 Safety

Participation expectations are as follows:

  • Participants are expected to wear a mask or face covering when gathering pre- or post-run until they are two weeks post full vaccination for COVID19. Per CDC guidance, fully vaccinated participants are not required to wear a mask or face covering while gathering pre or post-run.

  • Do not participate if you are feeling sick or ill, and or have a fever, or if you are unvaccinated and have been in contact with someone unrecovered from COVID-19.

  • Persons from high-risk groups for COVID-19 complications should consult their physician before participating.

  • Participants are encouraged to avoid traditional forms of physical contact (handshakes, high-fives, hugs, partner stretching, etc.), as well as close group gathering (group pictures, etc.).

  • Do not spit or blow nose while running in the group.

  • Do not share personal items, such as hydration, energy gels, towels, etc.

  • Participants may be required to exit programs/events temporarily or permanently should their actions not meet expectations and or they are creating risk for themselves or others.