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The Art Of The Solo Run

We hope this post finds you well as we all get used to our new daily "normal." Events have moved very fast in the last few days, so hopefully, you have had some time this past weekend to slow down and reflect. We realize it is anticlimactic to be training for a race when we have so much going on and the near future appears uncertain. However, this can be a good time to continue to build a fitness base and grow in your running. While group running is discouraged at this time, we still encourage you to continue running as best you can while still staying healthy, safe and practicing social distancing. Appropriately enough here are some tips about solo running.

As much as we know about the "Power of the Group" sometimes it is nice to have a run with yourself and enjoy the silence of a solo run without any noise or distractions.

Being with your own thoughts - Running solo is mostly about being with yourself and your own thoughts. Letting your mind be free to explore any area of thought without constraint. Sometimes you find your mind wandering, sometimes you may be focused on a single idea. Either way, embrace your thoughts and listen to them.

Listening to your body - Listening to your heart rate, breathing rhythm and how your legs feel, are all great ways to connect with your body and see how you are feeling. Spend some time taking in your body's feedback.

Reflection - Reflect on the day, the week, the last several months. Spending some time with yourself reflecting not only on your running but where you are in your training, your year, your life. It can be deep reflection, or it can just be a nice way to recap your day and look forward to the next. Every day can be a gift and being grateful and excited for the next gift is a great reflection to have on a run.

Spending time with your own thoughts, listening to your body and reflecting are all great benefits of the solo run. We hope you can take advantage of the coming days and weeks and spend some time on a satisfying solo run.

Wishing everyone safety and health.

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