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June Running Challenge

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June 2 to June 30, 2021


Attend a variety of CARA programs and events during the month of June, and log your activities to earn milestone badges.



Event Details

June 2nd is Global Running Day, a day to celebrate our love of running and encourage others to join in on this life-changing sport. Ar CARA, one day just doesn’t seem like enough to dedicate to an activity we love so much - which is why we're celebrating for the entire month of June!


Together, we will be celebrating all the opportunities that bring together the CARA community. Take part in any of our programs or events in the month of June, and use your cumulative miles logged to reach new virtual milestones.


Here is how to participate:


  1. Register HERE. Sign-up for the virtual challenge is free!

  2. Set a goal for the month of June. Whether your June goal is 10 miles or 100 miles, it's the journey that matters!

  3. Attend any combination of CARA Run Crew Runs, ‘Go Runs, Tuesday Track Workouts, Circuit Races, or Training Program Runs (program participants only) from our activity list, log your miles in our Participant Account, and then earn milestone badges for your total distance completed.


  • ​5K Badge - Completed 5k / 3.1 miles with CARA

  • 10K Badge - Completed 10K / 6.2 miles with CARA

  • 10 Mile Badge - Completed 10 miles with CARA

  • Half-Marathon Badge - Completed Half Marathon / 13.1 miles with CARA

  • Marathon Badge - Completed Marathon / 26.2 miles with CARA

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10k badge.png
10 Mi Badge.png
13.1 Badge.png
26.2 Badge.png

4. Share your progress and experiences with us! Use the hashtag #cararunsgrd to join in on the fun and tell us why you love to run.



The June Running Challenge does NOT include registration for each individual activity. Check activity pages for registration requirements and fees (where applicable).

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