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Weather Policy & Alerts

When hazardous weather is present or probable during a CARA program or event, CARA will communicate related announcements on the event's Facebook Page, as well as at

CARA will begin making announcements at least 60 minutes prior to the start of a program or event if there appears to be a potential for changes. 


Participants are encouraged to consider their individual situations when choosing whether to participate when there is the potential for hazardous weather, even when CARA has chosen to proceed.


Given the nature of Chicagoland weather, not all conditions are foreseeable, and program and event coordinators may make changes on-site at programs and events. Please keep in mind that safety will be the primary focus of weather-related decisions.

CARA's evaluation will weigh present conditions as well as probable conditions that could be present during and immediately after a program/event.


Examples of hazardous weather that changes could result from include, but are not limited to:

  • Lightning strikes within 6 miles

  • High heat or humidity

  • Snow accumulation greater than 12 inches over a 12 hour period

  • Icy conditions

  • Severe cold of below zero degrees (with wind chill) on

  • Tornado watch or warning

  • Flooding /flash flood warnings

  • Extreme winds


Note: For youth programs, we may be canceled when temperatures exceed 90 degrees or are below 32 degrees, there is heavy rain or snow accumulation.

Please note CARA may postpone or cancel a program under different weather conditions at its discretion. 

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