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'Go Run For Everyone

About The Initiative 

Running is more than running. It's friendships and camaraderie. It's a ticket to better physical and mental health. It builds community and encourages volunteerism. The Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) is on a mission to make sure everyone in the Chicagoland area has access to the benefits of running. Please consider making a gift to the 'Go Run for Everyone Initiative. Your investment will support CARA's 'Go Runs and Run Crews which aim to make running free and accessible for every neighborhood around Chicagoland, with a specific focus on Chicago's South and West sides. 
Together, we have made impossible dreams become a reality. We thank our generous donors who are responsible for the success of CARA’s inaugural fundraising campaign. Their support and vision have paved the way to produce our most important mission focused programming for years to come. ‘Go Run for Everyone is a testament to the trust and responsibility the Chicagoland running community places in our hands. It is our honor to serve you.
Thank you.
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