'Go Run For Everyone

$25,000 Matching Grant

The Chicago Area Runners Association is set to experience a boost in its commitment to provide accessible and safe opportunities for all people to experience the transformative power of running. A single matching-grant donation of $25,000 was received by the organization, a not-for-profit leader in promoting physical and mental health through running. Beginning July 11, the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) will leverage this generous donation to fulfill its ‘Go Run for Everyone Campaign. This $100,000 capital campaign provides stability and growth for its free community-based programs, including ‘Go Run and neighborhood Run Crews. Moved by the events surrounding Ahmaud Arbery’s death in February of 2020, an active runner and supporter of CARA’s programs in Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods pledged this gift in the form of a matching grant.

About The Campaign

Running is more than running. It's friendships and camaraderie. It's a ticket to better physical and mental health. It builds community and encourages volunteerism. The Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) is on a mission to make sure everyone in the Chicagoland area has access to the benefits of running. Please consider making a gift to the 'Go Run for Everyone Campaign. Your investment will support CARA's 'Go Runs and Run Crews which aim to make running free and accessible for every neighborhood around Chicagoland, with a specific focus on Chicago's South and West sides. 

​About Our Work


The Chicago Area Runners Association, CARA, is a non-profit organization committed to serving and advocating for the local running community. We are Chicagoland’s running club, providing accessible opportunities for all runners to train, race, learn, be social and volunteer. 


‘Go Run is a partnership between CARA and the Chicago Park District with an objective to activate neighborhood parks, build communities and encourage an active lifestyle through running. This series of free, timed One-Mile and 5k runs, aim to be an integral part of neighborhood culture, encouraging organic community engagement at each run. Operating in different neighborhood parks around Chicago, ‘Go Run has the capacity to reach the community in an environment that naturally integrates families, neighborhoods, and encourages community engagement.

CARA Run Crews are an increased effort to make running accessible to all. Launched in late 2020, CARA Run Crews bring opportunities in organized running to neighborhoods around Chicagoland.