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Tuesday Night Track Workouts

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Tuesday Night Track Workouts provide organized coach led workouts that are open to all ability levels. We are a supportive group of runners in Downtown and surrounding area. We are welcoming and encourage runners of all abilities to strive to be their best. Many runners join for the fun, challenge, and comradery that comes with group training. For runners looking for an extra challenge, our runners also compete as the "Lake Shore Park Racing Club" on the CARA Circuit.


Originally started in 2019, Tuesday Night Track workouts will have three sessions in 2024. Session workouts can be found below. Workouts are based on a runner's goal 1mile time. Pace groups are listed below. 

Runners meet at 6:30pm on Tuesday nights. 

Spring Session (1): March 12 - May 14 

Summer Session (2): May 28 - July 30

Fall Session (3): August 13 - October 15





Pace Groups 

Group 1: Goal Mile time of 6:00 min. or under 

Group 2: Goal Mile time of 7:00 min. or under 

Group 3: Goal Mile time of 8:00 min. or under 

Group 4: Goal Mile time of 9:00 min. or under 

Group 5: Goal Mile time of 10:00 to 11:00 minutes. 

Where We Meet

Group Run - Tuesday's @ 6:30 p.m.

Location: Lake Shore Park Track

Details: We meet on Tuesday Nights at 6:30 p.m. in Lake Shore Park. Runners are encouraged to arrive early to get their warmup laps in and then the coach will make announcements, review the workout and then take runners through a dynamic warmup. Workouts tend to range between 1.5 mi - 3.0 mi. of interval work and last between 45-60 min.

Contact: For questions regarding the group reach out to Coach Diamond via

The Tuesday Night Track Workouts are open to everyone, and there is no cost to participate. However, a suggested $35.00 donation or simply join as a CARA Supporter Level member is highly appreciated. Support Level members received the full membership benefits from CARA. 


Join Us!

  • ​Runners of all paces and abilities are welcome.

  • Be sure to bring your own personal hydration. No gear check is provided.

  • Runs are held rain or shine, but will not run in lightning or other unsafe conditions. Any announcements related to the run will be posted at:


James Diamond (

*Please note CARA leaders may postpone or cancel a run under different weather conditions at their discretion.

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