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Donation Requests

CARA is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to serving and advocating for the local running community. We are Chicagoland’s running club, providing accessible opportunities for all runners to train, race, learn, be social and volunteer.


CARA's resources are committed to functions that specifically impact our mission, and are primarily reserved for the funding of our own community programming.


Qualifications for Charitable Donation Requests:


On a limited basis, CARA considers donation requests from fellow not-for-profit organizations whose work impacts our mission, or where the donation will have an impact on our mission. Despite our appreciation of many great causes, CARA does not make donations to groups whose mission or work does not relate to our own.


Donations requests generally considered include raffle/auction items. Please note, as a non-profit organization, CARA does not sponsor external events and races, and monetary requests are rarely approved.


To make a request, please e-mail the following (please answer questions in-depth):

  • Organization Name

  • Contact Name

  • Contact E-Mail

  • Contact phone number?

  • What is your organization's affiliation with CARA and/or the Chicagoland running community?

  • How does your organization support CARA’s mission and/or the Chicagoland running community?

  • How will a donation from CARA benefit your organization, and what will the impact be to CARA’s mission and/or the Chicagoland running community?

  • Upon receiving a donated item, will CARA be eligible to receive any benefits? (Ex: recognition, in-kind trade, etc..)

  • Your donation request (please provide any specific requests, such as a specific item, or value)?

  • Date needed (Requests must be made at least 30 days prior to needed date)?

  • How will our donation be used?

Organizations may only make one donation request per calendar year. If you are requesting items for multiple needs/events, please do so in a single request.


Your request will be reviewed by CARA staff and/or Board of Directors and a decision will be e-mailed to the organization’s contact within 30 days.


The organization is responsible for pick-up of any item/s provided from the CARA at our office (1100 W. Cermak Rd., #231, Chicago, IL 60608). Items will not be mailed.

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