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Boston Bus

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Date & Time

April 15, 2024

6:45 a.m.


Private charter bus to the Athlete's Village at the Boston Marathon.


Boston Park Plaza Hotel

50 Park Plaza

Boston, MA


CARA offers members three comfortable climate-controlled charter buses to take runners from Boston's Back Bay area to the Athletes Village in Hopkinton for the race start.


  • On race day, buses will load runners at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel (50 Arlington Street).

  • The bus will depart for Hopkinton and wait near the starting line in the Athlete's Village.

  • CARA's buses will remain there until the last runners take off for the start.

  • This provides CARA members a relaxing bus until runners go to the start line.

  • Bus riders may check their bag with CARA staff at the bus and staff will bring bags back to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel for pick-up post-race.

CARA buses have sold out year after year because runners want a stress free, predictable start to their marathon morning. The Boston Marathon provides transportation to the start line from the Boston Back Bay area using school buses. These school buses will drop off at the start line area and immediately depart upon arrival. Runners must wait for their time to start regardless of conditions. 2018 conditions included mid-30's temperature, rain, and gusty winds. Without CARA, there is no gear check at the start area for marathon runners. Any belongings brought to the start area not needed for the run must be trashed. Use the CARA bus to have a comfortable ride, a climate-controlled place to wait until your start time and private gear check from the Athlete's Village with pick-up back in Boston.


Registration Fees:

  • $75 - Registration only available to CARA Supporter Level Members

Registration Priority:

Seats are provided to Boston Performance Training Program runners and CARA Support Level Members. At no time will the bus be offered to non-members.


The bus is scheduled to depart at 6:45 a.m. Bus departure times subject to change based on Boston Marathon's schedule. Final details are provided the week of the race. Additional details can be requested by emailing:



  • Where does the bus pick up? At the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

  • Where does the bus drop off? At the Athlete's Club Village south of the start line.

  • Can I check a bag? Yes, you may check any reasonably sized bag as you leave the bus at the start line. Bags will be returned to the Boston Park Plaza for pick up after you finish. 

  • What is provided on the bus? We'll have water, air conditioning, a comfortable seat, a place to charge a phone and probably a good running movie on!

  • What if I have more questions that aren't answered here? You can email

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