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New Membership System Info

CARA is excited to announce it has partnered with Haku to launch a new and improved membership and registration experience for our members and participants.


Our transition to Haku begins on March 1, 2021. Haku is the same trusted platform used by The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and Shamrock Shuffle, Boston Marathon, Atlanta Track Club, and many more.

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Announcement: Some members who have Haku accounts from other events or organizations have had trouble logging in.

If you are having trouble with your temporary password, we have some options for you:

Try the password associated with your previously existing Haku account. You would have a Haku account if you have run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Shamrock Shuffle 8K, or an event that uses Haku.

On the login page, click forgot password, and request a new password.


If the above fail, e-mail us at and request a new password. We will reset your password and reply as soon as possible or go to, and click on the "help" button to request help from the Haku support team.

General Information

Where do I login to my membership account: Go to or select member login from the options under "membership" in the main site menu. Your login will not be active until you have claimed your new account. See below.

Accessing accounts for 2021 CARA Supporter Level Members (Individual, Family, Student):


  1. You will receive a welcome email and invitation to sign into your Membership Account.

  2. Click on Go To Your Account in the email.

  3. Use the temporary password provide in the email to login.

  4. Once in your membership account, you will be prompted to change your password. You can also go to the Settings tab and select Change Password.

  5. After you have changed your password you will be able to view your membership, upcoming events, register for races or training programs and update information such as email, address, phone number, and emergency contact.

Completing memberships for 2021 CARA Supporter Level Family Members: Only the primary account holder of a family membership will receive an email for new account creation. Once the account is claimed follow these steps to complete your families account:

  1. Login to your Membership Account.

  2. On the Membership tab click add Additional Members.

  3. Enter the demographic information for your secondary member or student(s).

  4. The additional members with a unique email address will receive an invitation with their temporary password so they will be able to login and view their membership.

  • As a secondary member you will be able to login and view your membership, upcoming events, register for races or training programs and update information such as email, phone number, and emergency contact.

  • Additional members under the age of 18 will not have access to their own account but all of their information will still be able to be viewed and updated within the primary account holders Membership Account.

Information for new members and previous members not yet renewed for 2021:


1. You will need to create a member account. Select your membership option from the registration options HERE.

  • Family, Individual, Multi-year Family, Multi-year Individual or Student.

2. Enter your demographic information and any other form questions

3. If you are registering for a Family Membership, you will have the option to add your secondary member’s information and family information.

  • You do not have to enter their information at the time of registration. You may go back into your membership account at a later date to fill out this information. If you do enter secondary membership information with a unique email address, they will be sent an invitation to create their own account if they are 18 years of age or older.

4. By registering for an Individual or Family membership you will automatically be signing up to be billed once each membership period through your Membership Account. You can cancel renewal at anytime.

How do I manage my membership account and view member offers?

1. You can login to your account from the Go To Your Account button on the Memberships Thank You page, your Confirmation Email, or by going to

2. In your account, you will see a dashboard that displays your upcoming events, events that are open for registration, products, notifications and more.

3. There is a tab for Your Registrations, where you can view and manage what you are currently registered for.

4. Your Memberships tab will allow you to manage your Membership, by adding members, editing payment information and registering for events. When you are logged in, your information will pre-populate on the form and already include the member discount.

5. You can view member offers, such as local race discounts, by logging into your member account. There you will see a option to view member benefits. 

Accounts for 2021 Friend Level Members: No action is needed. Friend Level members do not need an account to access their member benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I create an account?

Your account will be created during the Membership Registration process. If you are a Family Membership, your secondary members will receive an email upon registration to create their own account.


2. How do I add a member to a family account?

Login to your account and go to the Memberships tab at the top. You will see the option to add other members to your account.


3. How do I apply my member discount for events and programs when registering?

If you are logged into your account, your member discounts will already be applied on the registration forms if you select the event from your account. If you go to the registration link via the Chicago Area Runners Association website there will be a banner at the top of the form asking you if you are logged in or not.


4. What is auto renewal?

When registering for a membership on our new system, your membership option will be set to auto renew at the end of the membership period. If you would like to cancel at any time, you can log in to your account and go to the Memberships tab. You will see the option on the left to Edit Membership.

If you completed your membership prior tom March 1, 2021 on our previous system, you will need to add payment informaiton and renew manually before the end of 2021. This includes those who had auto-renew set on the old system. We did not import your payment details from the previous system.


5. How do I add additional members to my Family Membership?

You may add additional members during the registration process on the form or you may add them at a later date. To add them later, login to your Membership Account and click on the Membership tab at the top and click Add Additional Members.


6. Do all members on a family account need to have the same email address?

All members on a family account do not need to have the same email address. If you do, the login information would be the same for all members to view the account.


7. Are there age limits for members?

Student memberships are limited to ages 24 and under.


8. Do student memberships have auto renew?

Student memberships do not have the option to auto renew. If you are 24 and under you will need to renew your membership at the end of the term.

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