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All In This Together: Key Run/Walk Etiquette Tips To Remember

As restrictions are limiting the places we can run and walk, let’s continue to be good neighbors to one another! Here are some friendly reminders for runners and walkers to help keep our communities safe and active:

  • When running on the sidewalk or roadside, run against traffic. This helps ensure that oncoming drivers and cyclists can see you, and keeps you from looking backward.​​

  • When coming up behind someone, announce yourself before you come within 6 feet. A simple “on your left” or “passing to the left” can be helpful and give people enough time to react and make room for you to pass.​

  • If you cannot pass safely while running or walking, stop and step aside until there is enough room to do so.

  • ​If possible, avoid main or busy roads that may have higher foot and vehicle traffic. If you are unsure of what route to follow, try mapping out your run before you go!​

  • If wearing headphones, keep volume low or only put one earbud in. This helps ensure you can hear what is going on around you or if someone calls out to pass by. ​​

  • Be visible. Starting your runs earlier is a great way to avoid crowded sidewalks, however, it is important to be visible if running before the sun is out. Opt for bright or reflective clothing or sashes, or safety lights.

Remember, we are in this together! We can all do our part to be part of the solution and keep our communities safe.

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1 Comment

Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
Apr 25

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