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CARA Statement On Bank Of America Chicago Marathon Cancellation

CARA Statement on Bank of America Chicago Marathon Cancellation:

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon has announced the cancellation of the 2020 event (Details HERE).

CARA training programs will continue. CARA is here to support you, and to help you continue your marathon journey.

As we announced in early May, CARA began making contingency plans should this occur to provide training program runners an end of season 26.2 mile opportunity for completion of the training program goal and to provide our charity runners an opportunity to achieve their fundraising commitment.

The CARA training program will continue, and our end of season opportunity to complete 26.2 will occur as follows:

  • At each training site, pace groups will complete a 26.2 mile run with appropriate support provided for medical, ambulance, hydration, and fuel.

  • CARA will facilitate or provide at minimum a finishers medal to commemorate the completion of training and accomplishment of running the marathon distance.

  • All sites will complete their 26.2 mile run on October 10, including the Montrose Sunday group.

This opportunity is available to both our group training program runners, and those in our virtual program.

As we continue with the training program, we will provide greater details on this opportunity and what you can expect. Please note, there is not an opportunity for runners not part of the training program to take part in this end of season run. This is to ensure we can maintain the gathering limitations designed for safety.

While we understand the cancellation of the Chicago Marathon is a great loss, we do look forward to continuing to come together to enjoy the community of CARA training, and to accomplish the goal of being a marathoner this fall. For our charity runners, we encourage you to continue to fundraise for your important causes, letting your donors know that you’re still committed to running 26.2 miles.

If you have questions specific to the Chicago Marathon, please find details from the event HERE or HERE. CARA is unable to answer questions specific to the event.

Please understand, if you choose not to continue with the training program, deferrals and refunds are not available. We hope you will continue to enjoy the program as we work towards marathon goals.



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