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'Go Run Returns and CARA Members Represent in Tokyo

March 4th was the beginning of the 2023 ‘Go Run season, and it got off to a great start with 199 registered runners for the free 5K/1Mile race in Warren park. This is a considerable jump in registration from last year. It was a fun and exciting atmosphere from beginning to end, with families coming out to run together and friends cheering the runners on. CARA’s mission based program, in partnership with the Chicago Park district, was also featured on CBS News!

'Go Run Warren Park also received support from neighborhood running groups. The GlenGlen Run Crew and Roger’s Park Running Club were two groups that participated. It was great to see the involvement and camaraderie of local running groups coming together in support of the Go Run mission!

Full race results for the 5k and one mile can be found here. Be sure to also check out the 'Go Run 2023 Photos. 'Go Run will be at Humboldt park this Saturday, March 11. You can join us by signing up to run or volunteer at


Meanwhile in Tokyo, CARA members traveled from Chicago to Japan for the Tokyo Marathon on March 5th! Members Julie Gross and Ken Gasper earned their Sixth Star Finisher Medal by completing the six World Major Marathons, which consist of the New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Berlin Marathon, London Marathon, Boston Marathon, and Tokyo Marathon.

CARA members that also ran the Tokyo Marathon included Susana Cruz, Lyndsey McKay, Jeff Weinberg, Sivaperumal Sudhakar Raja, Praveen Puttananjaiah, Jennifer Foil, Scott Spencer, Rainer Schochat, Aniss Driss, and CARA Board Members Tony Fiore and Niko Nicholson. A big congratulations to you all on an incredible accomplishment!



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Jeff Weinberg
Jeff Weinberg
20 mar 2023

Aniss Dress, Scott spencer and Jeff weinberg all also received their 6 Star at Tokyo

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