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Inspired To Give Back

Evelyn Cato is a force to be reckoned with. In 2006, she completed her first 5k and since then has completed a total of 11 marathons, 15 half-marathons and seven triathlons.

Evelyn was first introduced to running in her early 40s at a fun run that she attended with a friend. As a healthcare professional, she was more focused on helping others' with their own fitness goals and well-being that she didn't really think about her own health. Evelyn began taking run/walk breaks during lunch and inspired a co-worker to join her. She joined CARA to train for her first half-marathon and met other runners that have inspired her to keep going and chasing her full potential.

Reaching her full potential is what Evelyn continues to strive for. When asked how she got into a different type of endurance sport, she described how her running journey motivated her to want more out of life and of herself. Even though she is more focused on training for triathlons now, her love for running and its inherent sense of community inspires her to still be deeply involved with CARA.

Evelyn's ties with 'Go Run Humboldt Park is a personal one as she's excited to give back to her neighborhood and promote a strong sense of community. "I pulled back from doing marathons to focus on triathlons, but I still wanted to do something with CARA," she says. Evelyn started as 'Go Run volunteer, then site coordinator and this year she's part of Team CARA.

Team CARA is the Chicago Area Runners Association marathon team that fundraises to support the operations of free timed 5k and 1 mile events in three Chicago parks that are open to the public. These grassroots events help support local Chicago neighborhoods and empower its residents to live a healthy lifestyle. "'Go Run is changing lives. It can make you feel like you can accomplish anything," Evelyn says.

Support Evelyn and Team CARA with a donation to her crowdrise page HERE.

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