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Ask Coach Bradley - Post-Marathon Next Steps

Whether you are part of our CARA training programs, working towards your next 5k PR, or a beginning runner CARA Sr. Director of Training and Head Coach Tim Bradley is here to answer your training questions!

Q: I just completed the Chicago Marathon and am wondering - what should my next steps be?

A: There are three key things you should focus on following a big race or marathon.

Recovery: You will want your mental, emotional and physical gas tank to get filled back up completely before you start back up with running again. Taking at least a few weeks of a complete break from running and then taking a 2-3 week period of light cross-training and running can really help get you fully recovered and ready for the next training segment.

Evaluating Progress and Setting Next Goals: Now that you've had a few days post-race, take some time to really evaluate your training, reflecting on what worked and what might need to be improved. Then look toward the next goal you want to accomplish and what will need to be done in order to achieve this.

Making A Plan For The Winter: Winter Training lays down a great base and sets you up for a successful summer of training and fall of races. Ideally, the goal is to have your fitness ahead of where it was the year before when you start your next summer training cycle. That process starts in the more challenging months when the foundation has to be laid.


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