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Tips for the 10 Mile Race Distance

The spring racing season has officially kicked off and CARA will be hosting the annual Lakefront 10 Miler & 5k on April 16th! The 10 miler represents a classic distance and is the second stop on this year’s CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit. Whether you are racing in preparation for a marathon or are doing it to chip off rust, 10 miles can certainly be a formidable distance. However, the race provides a nice round number that is easier to break down mentally than many other distances. Below I provide my simple mental notes for breaking down this classic race distance, which includes counting the covered miles on the way up to the halfway point and then counting down the miles as you get closer to the finish line.

On the Start line

  • Get off to a nice even start and establish pace and breathing rhythm

  • Don’t “chase” run your own race

Mile 1

  • 10% done!

  • Check mile split

  • Am I over or under goal pace?

Mile 2

  • 20% done!

  • 1/5th of the way home!

  • Check mile split again to make sure I am completely dialed into goal race pace

Mile 3

  • 30% done!

  • Should be locked into pace by now

  • Just keep clicking off splits

Mile 4

  • 40% done

  • 1 more mile to half way!

Mile 5

  • Half Way!

  • Time to Start Countdown!

Mile 6

  • 40% to go!

  • What do I have left in the tank?

Mile 7

  • Just 30% of the way to go!

  • Just 3 more miles!

Mile 8

  • Just 20% to go,

  • Only 1 more mile, until I have 1 more mile left!

Mile 9

  • Last mile!

  • I can do anything for a mile!

Approaching Finish!

  • Look for the clock to confirm time

  • See what I have left in the “tank” and try to use it all up before the finish!

As always, remember that you have Cricket Hill and about 100m stretch of track to cover over the last mile before the finish line!

Good luck to all those racing and we will see you at the finish line on April 16th!

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