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Circuit Runner Of The Month: Angelica Guerrero

This month we are featuring a quick, friendly, top age group and age-graded competitor as our Circuit Runner of the Month. Meet Angelica Guerrero! If you’re an avid Runners’ Choice Circuit competitor, we are sure you have seen Angelica out on a race course. She is a CARA Member and also runs for Fleet Feet Racing Team. She is a big part of the Chicago running community and we are happy to see her leading the age-graded category!

Get to know Angelica:

How did you get started in running?

Approximately 12 years ago, I went to my first fun run at the Fleet Feet Chicks Night in Lincoln Square. I met a group of friendly women who ran with me and made my first 6 mile run feel so easy that I kept coming back to all of their runs.

What are your running goals for this year?

I would like to complete the 2019 CARA circuit competition and finish in the top 5 in both age-graded and overall female categories.

Have you had a favorite running moment from 2019?

Finishing my longest run of this year, the Alpine Half Marathon on September 15! I am not particularly fond of long runs, but I finished and it felt good!

Why do you enjoy being a CARA Member?

I appreciate the camaraderie, competition, and support that all the CARA events provide. I also like the way CARA promotes running, especially among young runners within the Chicago area with programs such as ‘Go Run.

What advice would you offer runners who need motivation to keep running through the years?

The hardest part of running is getting out and doing it. You do not have to be fast and you do not have to run far, just get out there and run. Find a group or a partner to run with, they will keep you accountable. Register for a race and finish it. Crossing the finish line will make you feel great and along the way you will make friends and have lots of people cheering you on.

We couldn’t agree with Angelica more. The Circuit brings together runners of all different ages and competition levels. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, you can be a part of the Circuit.


The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit is a great way to experience the Chicagoland running community.

You can run as an individual, or race with your local club. Runners of all levels annually participate in CARA Circuit Races to complement their year-long training programs and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community. Runners can earn competitive awards for themselves and their clubs, as well as participation awards for completing Circuit races.

Here’s the remaining schedule for 2019:

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