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Circuit Runner Of The Month: Daniela Munoz

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

This month we are featuring a fast, dedicated, age group competitor as our Circuit Runner of the Month. If you have been to any Circuit races this year, you have most likely seen her post-race running a proper cool down and then hanging with her dog. It’s Daniela Munoz!

Daniela is currently fighting for the top spot in the female 40-44 age group with many top five age group finishes this year. Most recently she ran raced the BTN Big 10K with a time of 45:21, earning her the first place in her age group out of 148 runners! We’re excited to see what else she will accomplish throughout the rest of this year.

Get to know Daniela:

How many years have you participated in the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit? This is my second year but I have participated in several CARA races in other years before I was a CARA Member.

Why do you enjoy participating on the CARA Runners' Choice Circuit? All the CARA Circuit races are well organized and it is a good mix of race distances.

What is for your favorite local race? The Good Life Race.

How did you get started in running? I started running in middle school on the track team and then ran cross country and track in high school.

What are your running goals for this year? Trying to break 20 minutes in a 5K. I’m close but still 8 seconds away!

Why do you enjoy being a CARA Member? I love what CARA gives back to the running community and it is always nice to have a special spot to store our gear during races.

What advice would you offer runners who need the motivation to keep running through the years? Remember to give yourself off days and incorporate strength and flexibility training to your routine, as well. Also, when you need the extra motivation it is always good to recruit a friend to run with you and keep you accountable.


The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit is a great way to experience the Chicagoland running community.

You can run as an individual, or race with your local club. Runners of all levels annually participate in CARA Circuit Races to complement their year-long training programs and to enjoy the camaraderie of the CARA running community. Runners can earn competitive awards for themselves and their clubs, as well as participation awards for completing Circuit races.

Here’s the remaining schedule for 2019:

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