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Commit To Running Safety Guidelines

As the “stay at home” order continues, many are taking up running to get outside and to experience its benefits to mental health. While we can run, the Chicago Area Runners Association urges everyone to practice safe social distancing and to commit to running safety guidelines.

Please begin your run from home. Do not travel to run.

Do not gather in groups. Gathering increases the risk of spreading the virus amongst the group, and eventually to your family at home.

Runners must avoid running where many have gathered, and you are unable to maintain social distancing. Look for side streets and less-traveled routes. If you do come across a crowded area, immediately change your route.

Get up early! Run before others are out walking to work or the grocery store. Commit to doing your part to decreasing congestion on local sidewalks and trails.

If you do come across another person on your run, make room for safe passing. Always maintain at least six feet of separation, even if this means you have to slow down or stop.

The best thing you can do is to avoid running where you may interact with others. But if you are in the city, that may not be possible. In this case, run with a mask or face covering. The situation is that serious, and it is time we take that extra step. Running with a mask might force you to slow down, but it helps protect the community. If you do not have a mask sufficient for running, consider using a running “buff” as a face covering, or a DIY buff made of an old running shirt.

Note: Please see our complete COVID-19 announcements and advisements HERE.


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