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Lisa V. 2018 Circuit Athena Winner

If you have attended a few CARA events, you probably know who Lisa Verdon is. She is a CARA Ambassador with a big personality, love for CARA and love for running!

We appreciate Lisa’s enthusiasm in everything does. She brings her positive energy and “can do attitude” to every CARA event. One of her favorite things to take part in? The CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit.

During the 2018 CARA Runners’ Choice Circuit season Lisa competed for the Athena Award - and she won!

If you do not know what is required to compete for the Athena “A” category, here are some details:

This category is an opportunity for larger and taller runners to compete against runners of similar weight. Awards are presented to the top three in each category (Clydesdale A = Male's 185-199 pounds, Clydesdale B = Male's 200-224 pounds, Clydesdale C = Males 225+ pounds, Athena A = Females 155-169 pounds, Athena B = Females 170+ pounds). Runners are ranked within their weight category based on their age-graded score from each race run. Runners participating in Clydesdale/Athena must register their intent to participate by July 1, 2019. You can learn more about Circuit scoring here.

We asked Lisa a few questions about the experience in hopes of encouraging even more runners to compete for the awards. All are always welcome to try.

In 2018, Lisa competed in the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, the Wintrust CARA Lakefront 10 Miler, Ravenswood Run 5k, Elmhurst 4 on the 4th, the Chicago Half Marathon and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. She was busy. She had been fighting for the top spot for a couple years and she was working extra hard to make 2018 her year.

One of Lisa’s favorite moments of the year was running the Chicago Marathon. Lisa says, “The crowds, running with friends from my neighborhood (The GlenGlen Runners), running with my Summer Marathon Training group, just toeing the line again for another 26.2 tour of Chicago - it was incredible!”

After so many successful races, we were happy to award Lisa the Athena “A” Award for 2018.

“Winning the Athena award for 2018 was an amazing feeling! I could not stop smiling!! I have been trying to get the top spot for a couple of years, coming in 2nd and 3rd, respectively, but wanting first place SO badly I could taste it. Getting first place helped to return the confidence I had lost over the past couple of years due to injury and slowing down.”

Why does she love the Circuit? “I love the competition and camaraderie which is CARA, it continues to motivate me to do my best!”

We hope Lisa’s journey to her win encourages you to chase your own win, whatever that may look like.

After the success of last year, Lisa is feeling more motivated than ever. She refuses to let setbacks slow her down. We’re cheering for you, Lisa! See you on the Circuit.



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