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Meet 'Go Run Site Coordinator Evelyn!

Get To Know Your 'Go Run Site Coordinator...Evelyn Cato!

Evelyn Cato has been a dedicated ‘Go Run Site Coordinator since early 2018. We are constantly inspired by Evelyn’s positive attitude, work ethic, and dedication to the program. She is always a smiling face who will encourage you to run. We are thankful to have Evelyn making an impact with CARA! Get to know her a little better with the questions and answers below.

What interested you in being a site coordinator for 'Go Run?

I know how difficult it can be to stay motivated when a person first starts running. I saw the role of the site coordinator as an opportunity to motivate all runners, and especially new runners to stay active. Encouraging them to continue and recognize all the benefits that come along with exercise like improved mental and physical health, plus bonding time with family.

What is your running history past and present? We know you have been involved in the running and triathlon community for many years.

I began running in my 40s and soon recognized all the other benefits of running. It improved my self-esteem and mental health. I was quick to involve my husband and daughters. Since then we have run several marathons and numerous half marathons as a family. Running motivated me to try other things, like learning how to swim. My family and I have now completed several sprint triathlons and I will attempt an Olympic next year. Running however is my first love and I will be running another half marathon in September with my daughters and sisters!

What makes 'Go Run special?

'Go Run is special because I’ve witnessed how it brings families & communities together. Because it’s free & at local parks, it’s accessible to so many more people. In these times when there appears to be so much news and talk on social media about racial division and hatred among groups of people, you witness nothing but bonding and support among diverse runners who come to ‘Go Run. It gives me hope!

What advice do you have for all the participants?

Don’t stop coming! Bring family & friends! Consider volunteering, you get so much! My favorite quote, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi.

What makes Humboldt Park a unique place to do a 'Go Run at?

Humboldt Park is unique because it’s where I was born and raised. I don’t share this too often but my brother was killed in Humboldt Park when I was just a freshman in H.S. Although I had many fond memories of family gatherings in Humboldt Park, this tragedy was my last memory of the park and would make me sad whenever I visited. Thanks to ‘Go Run I now smile again when I come to the park. Oh and let’s not forget Chance the Snapper!

What is your favorite food?

Arroz con gandules y bistec encebollado made by my big sister Isabel! The best! (Rice and pigeon peas with steak & onions) Yummy!

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