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Run it Back! - Tips For "Serial Marathoning"

“Serial marathoning” (running multiple marathons in quick succession) has become more popular than ever. Typically runners are looking to either improve their time by taking advantage of better weather, run for fun when the “pressure” of the first marathon is off, or simply take a better pacing or fueling approach in order to improve their time. Below are some tips if you plan to run it back for a second marathon this fall.

  • Remember that most of the work is done or “hay is in the barn”. Focus on recovering from your first marathon before adding any extra training or trying anything drastic. You most likely are pretty fit by now and just need better race conditions and things to all come together for your next race.

  • Have confidence that you now know you can cover the distance and are just looking to run it better this time around.

  • Correct any little mistakes you made at your first marathon regarding pacing, hydration, and fueling. Try to avoid making the same mistake twice.

  • Ultimately, you are trying to bring similar fitness into your next race but have a better day of performance. Remember that being healthy, rested, and armed with a solid pacing plan are the keys to successful racing.


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